Tectite Advance is here

Pegler Yorkshire has launched Tectite Advance, the latest product to join the comprehensive Tectite range as part of the company’s policy of continuous product development
Tectite Advance is set to revolutionise the approach to vented and unvented closed circuit and chilled water installations. As the first galvanized carbon steel push-fit jointing system, Advance can deliver cost savings of up to 70% when compared to traditional jointing methods and with no special tools or threading required, speed of installation is unrivalled.

Tectite Advance works in the same way as other push-fit fittings and is jointed in seconds by simply pushing the tube and fitting together. Push-fit has grown in popularity, by offering a number of advantages over other more traditional jointing techniques. No solvents, adhesives or tools are needed, and a hot works permit is not required. Advance fittings are easy to use and the resultant joint provides a clean installation.

Tectite Advance has been designed for use as a complete system in conjunction with galvanised and plastic coated XPress Carbon steel System tube and when used in this way, benefits from a 10 year system guarantee.

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