Technology moves forward

VRVIII-HR from Daikin, which is ideal for use in commercial office complexes, hotels, apartment stores, restaurants and a wide range of public sector buildings, offers important benefits in energy efficiency and cost savings to installers and their end user clients
Among its many new features is the ability to connect up to 64 indoor units to a single outdoor unit in increments of 2HP up to 48HP. Outdoor unit modules can be configured on a combined multi basis between 18 and 48HP or in a stand alone version from 8 to 16HP. Operating range is wide at -50C to 430C in cooling and -200C to 15.50C in heating.
Whereas VRF systems cease operating during defrost and oil return operations, separate defrosting of each heat exchanger on VRVIII HR multi module outdoor units and of the dual outdoor coil of single modules allows continuous heating to be supplied from the indoor units throughout defrost cycles.
Refrigerant leakage prevention is ensured by the use of brazed joints in place of flanged and flared connections before the shut off valves as well as by brazed pressure sensors and electronic gauges instead of sensors and gauge ports.

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