Technology and older (particularly ‘listed’) architecture can be uncomfortable companions

Lighting Controls Ltd. has always been known for their design of discreet lighting components incorporated within their control systems.  Continuing this theme, they have introduced three devices that make the lives of designers and installers of lighting systems simpler, and result in lighting systems that are more esthetically pleasing.

Two new presence detectors have been introduced that can be mounted in very small cavities or even within a luminaire.  One detector uses microwave technology for the detection of movement, and is ideal where ambient temperatures can vary.  Such variations can play tricks with traditional infra-red detectors, which are sensitive to temperature changes as well as motion.  The other is a sub-miniature PIR (passive infrared sensor) which uses traditional technology but, at only 16mm diameter, is visually much less obtrusive than devices previously available.

The third innovation that continues the theme of discreetness, is a very thin DALI switch, which can fit behind an architectural switch in a 28mm pattress box.  This solves the problem of easily incorporating antique or architectural switches into a DALI lighting control network.

All these new components are designed to work with, and are backwards compatible with, Lighting Controls Ltd. EcoLUX lighting control system.  These systems incorporate movement detection and daylight dimming, and more complex systems are typically controlled by the web-based EcoLUX Graphical Interface.

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