TE air rotation heaters from Powrmatic

Powrmatic’s TE range of gas and oil fired free-standing air rotation heaters deliver highly efficient heating with excellent temperature control for large spaces such as warehouses, factories, retail sheds, leisure facilities etc. They are especially suitable for warehousing/logistics facilities where dense racking may be in use, as well as open plan manufacturing facilities.

TE heaters use high efficiency axial fans which move large volumes of air through the space at relatively low temperatures. Typically, the air within the space is recycled through the heater every 30 minutes and the low temperatures maximise the potential for high efficiencies through condensing.

Their ability to maintain set-point temperature is not affected by how the space is configured. As a result, building operators can alter the layout of the space without needing to reposition ductwork. TE heaters minimise the effects of stratification so there is no additional expenditure on destratification fans, while the use of a free-standing heater also reduces installation costs.

TE heaters typically range in size from 90kW to 800kW (though other capacities are available) and can be sited internally or externally, using natural gas, LPG or oil burners.


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