Taking control

The new Raychem ACS-30 is a multi-application control and monitoring solution for heat tracing systems in both commercial and residential buildings.

The Raychem ACS-30 control and monitoring system from Pentair Thermal Management, formerly Tyco Thermal Controls, is a multi-application, centralised control and monitoring solution with distributed power and control modules (PCMs). Suitable for all heat tracing applications in buildings, it effortlessly manages hot water temperature maintenance, pipe frost protection, greasy waste and fuel flow maintenance, freezing frost heave prevention, floor heating, roof and gutter de-icing and surface snow melting installations.

The ACS-30’s centralised users interface terminal (UIT) interacts with up to 52 power and control modules (PCM’s) distributed throughout a building or series of buildings. The UIT features a touch screen colour display and provides intuitive applications based control. All heating cable circuits are controlled and monitored from the UIT providing status update of up to 260 heating circuits.

The new control solution interfaces with existing BMS systems via a Protonode which converts ACS-30 information to BacNet, Metasys and Lonworks BMS operating systems. 


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