Taking control

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a virtual controller which can be operated from your PC desktop and looks and behaves just like the real thing.
“More and more customers are using our G50 controller directly from their computers, so we decided to launch a new, even simpler alternative which presents the customer with what looks like a standard remote controller interface – on their PC desktop,” explained Sebastien Desmottes, the company’s controls expert.

With standard versions of the G50 controller, customers go to the Web, open Internet Explorer, log in with their Password and User Name, and then they can use the controller.

“This is not a problem if you use the controller irregularly, but for those customers who need to access it every day, the new application saves them time and presents the controls in a way that they will be totally familiar with,” adds Desmottes.

Called the PAR-21PC, the new application can also be minimised in the Desktop Toolbar, just like other Windows applications, so that the customer can have immediate control with just one click of the mouse.

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