Take control with Haven Flex

Haven Power is now well and truly established as an electricity supplier to some of the biggest I&C names in the UK. Despite its initial role to serve the needs of the SME market, it has grown its I&C customer base thanks to a strong range of tailored products, including flexible contracts.

With continuing volatility in the market and wholesale electricity prices rising to their highest level in the UK for the past 17 months, more and more major energy users are looking for a tailored product that matches their business strategy. A growing number of Haven’s I&C customers have recognised the benefits of purchasing energy in a flexible way as it allows them to buy electricity in line with their corporate purchasing strategy and risk management solution.

Haven Flex has been developed to suit such businesses – those that want to take a more dynamic approach to energy purchasing. It allows customers to purchase electricity in a single transaction or a number of transactions depending on whether they want to spread their purchasing behaviour.

Haven Flex suits customers wanting to manage a greater degree of complexity, as well as allowing the contract to be developed to match their specific appetite for risk. Typically Flex customers are consuming larger amounts of power, above 25GWh per annum, in order to see the benefits of this type of contract.

Ray Attridge, I&C Sales Manager, comments: “A flexible contract means that customers can take advantage of market conditions. By spreading the risk, those involved in procurement have greater control over how much they spend.

“We consulted widely with both customers and consultants when first moving into the I&C sector to ensure that our products do exactly what people want them to. We knew that billing, especially flexible contracts, is traditionally an area of confusion so we ensured that our billing process was as transparent and accountable as possible.

“Historically this sector has been plagued by poor service so we built our proposition to be focused on customer support. We use the latest systems to ensure our processes are as simple and straightforward for customers as possible. Those customers who take our Flex product receive daily market reports informing them on wholesale market conditions as well as an individual report on how their budget is performing. Having direct support from our trading desk ensures customers have full access to wholesale market prices, and, once the customer is happy with the price, Haven can carry out the trade on their behalf.”   

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