Take control of energy savings

Living eco is the latest programmable electronic radiator thermostat from Danfoss. With its clear digital display and simple push-button programming it offers a cost-effective way to control energy consumption in the home, without compromising comfort.

Pre-installed programmes make it easy for heating installers to set the thermostat to suit their customer’s needs.

Choosing the P0 programme maintains a constant temperature 24 hours a day, while the P1 and P2 settings will lower the temperature at predefined periods of the day to save energy, and regulate the heating to match the lifestyle of the user when the home is occupied.

Extra energy savings can be made with the innovative open-window function, which prevents heat being wasted by closing the valve if the thermostat detects a significant drop in room temperature. Danfoss has also included a handy holiday function so users can set living eco to reduce the temperature while they are away and turn back to the desired temperature in time for their return.

The new living eco thermostatic radiator valve from Danfoss is a compact device which runs on two AA alkaline batteries with a two-year lifetime.


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