Tail kit relieves stress

Hager has developed an incoming tail connection kit for its new consumer unit to avoid the problem of bending thick incomer cables into the consumer unit main switch. According to the company, the main incoming cable is the hardest to dress and fit. Bending the 25 or 35mm2 cable round and terminating it in the main incomer can be a problem and also places stress on the unit.
To solve this problem the incoming tail kit clips into place in the consumer unit. The incoming cables are terminated into a direct terminal block and flexible links from this feed into the incoming device. Not only does this ensure a secure connection, with minimal stress on the terminals, but it also saves installation time.

Hager’s Product Manager Stephen Dyson says: “Research among contractors revealed that a common problem they face when installing any consumer unit is bending the thick incoming cables into place. The incoming tail connection kit is a neat solution that overcomes this difficult job and saves installation time.”

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