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  • Elmhurst Energy welcomes the early ratification of UN Paris Climate Deal

    By Debbie Eales on October 12, 2016
    Elmhurst Energy has welcomed the early ratification of the Paris Climate Deal after the European Union, Canada, Nepal and India all formally ratified the deal. The accord is now set to come into force on the 4th November 2016, as 73 nations, accounting for nearly 57% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, are committed to the process, meaning the two key […]
  • Installers going unpaid for ‘thousands’ of eco jobs

    By Debbie Eales on July 2, 2014
    Installers are going unpaid for thousands of boilers fitted under the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme, according to a leading industry figure. Adam Mitchell, Founder of Futureproof, a national network of installers, says that installers are being punished for the “good faith” they placed in the Government’s much vaunted carbon reduction initiative. He said: “There are installers across England and […]