Taconova launches Solar Setter

Taconova (UK) has introduced the innovative AV 23 Setter Bypass HT Solar Type balancing valves which offer direct regulation, indication and isolation of flows for solar heating systems. Designed for domestic, commercial and public sector applications, the Setter Bypass balancing valves allow accurate and fast balancing without diagrams, tables or measuring devices.
Systems which are correctly balanced and hydraulically air-free guarantee optimal energy extraction and are therefore more cost effective. Balancing solar heating systems can prove to be particularly difficult due to the temperature differential, however, Taconova’s HT – Solar Type balancing valves are designed specifically for use up to 185ºC. This is ideal for solar heating applications since the water can reach very high temperatures and traditional balancing valves struggle to work in these conditions.

As well as offering energy savings, Taconova’s Setter Bypass SD balancing valves are very user friendly. Engineers can set the appropriate flow rate using the unique flow measurement device, avoiding investments in training and costly measuring devices.

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