Tackling the retail climate

The ultimate in German technologies and engineering comes to the UK for the first time with a range of performance door air curtains capable of transforming the climate in retail shop entrances at a time when keeping customers spending is key to retail success. 

The long-established and highly-regarded Tekadoor products are now available from a new British company – Tekadoor Ltd – and offer a unique combination of warming and cooling in the critical retail entrance environment.

Launching Tekadoor Limited, managing director Phil Waldron, said: “German technology and engineering are synonymous with quality and reliability.  When these attributes are applied to entrance air curtains it means we can offer a comprehensive range of indoor climate solutions which really are capable of transforming the entrance environment to any retail outlet – just at that critical point when the potential customer decides whether to stay inside or not.”

Tekadoor has designed and manufactured air curtains for over 25 years, their products can be heated by LPHW, electric or gas and are ideal for shops of all sizes to help control the entrance and shopping environment. 


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