TAC joins Clinton climate initiative

TAC has joined the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) along with parent company, Schneider Electric, in a global effort to help cities around the world improve the energy efficiency of buildings and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
TAC is a recognised innovator in building management systems and has an unparalleled track record of providing building automation solutions, energy saving retrofits and extended services to UK business. For example, at Millennium Point, the UK’s largest Millennium project after the Dome, TAC implemented changes that led to energy savings of 12%.

Globally, TAC has helped cities from Anchorage to Zurich save hundreds of millions of pounds in energy savings through guaranteed performance contracts. It is widely estimated that commercial office buildings use 20% more energy on average than necessary.

Richard Harper, Energy Director for TAC said: “We will audit buildings, engineer efficiency measures, implement retrofits, provide performance guarantees of energy savings and work on an ongoing basis with CCI to lower total system costs. We will help gain back the wasted resources while at the same time ushering in a new era in social responsibility,”

“Climate change is a global problem that requires local action,” said President Clinton. “The business, banks and cities partnering with my foundation are addressing the issue of global warming because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s good for their bottom line. They’re going to save money, make money, create jobs and have a tremendous positive impact on climate change.”

Schneider Electric, incorporating TAC, becomes the sixth company selected for this global Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program, the first project of CCI’s C40 Large Cities Climate Summit. The project brings together five of the world’s largest banks, and sixteen of the world’s largest cities, in a landmark program designed to reduce energy consumption in existing buildings.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire, President and CEO of Schneider Electric said: “Schneider Electric has rolled out an action plan to consume better and consume less. Our commitment is to help our customers to make significant improvements in their energy efficiency, whether in their buildings, factories, infrastructures or homes. By joining Clinton Climate Initiative, we affirm our engagement and will participate in the convergence of society’s players towards more sustainable development.”

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