SYL:Fire is the most compact and easy to-install fire-rated downlight in the UK. Designed by Concord:marlin, the leaders in architectural lighting, SYL:Fire offers the contractor and specifier the best light fixture to meet the latest Building Regulations Part B, C, E, L and P.
The unique features of SYL:Fire are

• Ultra Compact Fire-Rated Downlight

• Unique Centralising Ring

• Powerful Stainless Steel Springs

• Complete with Sylvania Lamp

SYL:Fire is available in three types:

• Fixed – ultra compact

• Tilt – genuine 20° tilt each way

• IP65 – complete with moisture seal and borosilicate glass

It comes in five colours; white, brushed steel, polished chrome, polished brass and polished gold.

As a world-class manufacturer of both fixtures and lamps, SLI-Sylvania is able to offer a fully integrated package of fire-rated downlight and the infamous Coolfit lamp.

The drawback with a standard dichroic lamp is that a significant proportion of the heat is projected backwards. With a fire rated down-light, the body is sealed with small vents to allow a proportion of heat to escape.

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