Swegon wins Sweden’s ‘great indoor climate prize’

Swegon has been awarded Sweden’s prestigious Great Indoor Climate Prize for its WISE ‘smart’ ventilation system.

Established in 2001, the award is given annually to organisations in the Swedish indoor climate, energy and plumbing sectors, who have developed a significant product, service or methodology that also has sound practical applications.

Set up by Slussen Building Services, Swedish Ventilation, the Energy and Environmental Technology Association and the Swedish Cooling Association, the prize aims to “increase interest in indoor climate technology, strengthen its position and promote a healthy indoor climate in energy efficient buildings”.

This year’s prize was awarded to Swegon’s vice president of sales Northern Europe & Group Marketing Kent Granljung by Annika Christensson, Head of Health and Construction at Boverket, during a gala event at the Munich Brewery in Stockholm.

The judges selected the WISE system because of its innovative design and ability to provide a flexible and comprehensive solution for ventilation, heating and comfort cooling. They were impressed by its use of wireless communication between components and subsystems.

By using demand controlled ventilation (DCV) in this way, Swegon has developed a system that cuts up to 80% of the fan energy and 40% of the cooling and heating energy in a building, by supplying air, cooling and heating in just the right amounts, in the right places and at the right time.

The judges were impressed that the WISE system builds on the experience gained from thousands of installations to simplify the delivery of DCV with a quick to install and commission, highly flexible and simple to operate approach.

WISE products, such as dampers and diffusers, communicate via a ‘self-healing’ wireless network to deliver complete climate control for entire buildings seamlessly linking software with the hardware used for both airborne and waterborne indoor climate. The network allows the installation to be commissioned without communication cabling, which reduces time, cost and complexity while also making it very simple to operate and adapt to future changes in building layout or operation.

The judges said WISE was “well placed to contribute to a comfortable indoor climate in a wide range of energy efficient buildings”.



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