Swegon launches space saving indoor AHU

Swegon has launched another variant of the GLOBAL space-saving air handling units (AHU) with heat recovery, the ideal product for light commercial and refurbishment projects.

Swegon specialises in the design and manufacture of energy saving ventilation units, with the flagship GOLD AHU range being one of the most popular AHUs on the market. The GLOBAL range of AHUs compliment GOLD, as a more standardised and cost effective  solution to easily meet the rising energy efficiency requirements set by the European Energy Related Products (ErP) directive.

The GLOBAL LP (low profile) units provide airflows of up to 3,720 m³/h (1,030 l/s) from an extremely compact, low noise product that is designed to be mounted horizontally in the ceiling. They operate at 85% efficiency thanks to the use of a plate heat exchanger for heat recovery, plug-&-play controls, low energy consumption EC fans and high-performance DC motors.

Swegon has developed increasingly effective control strategies with ‘open’ communication via Modbus, TCP/IP, BACnet and KNX to ease integration into the overall management of the building.

GLOBAL LP ventilation units are supplied plug-&-play with the basic functions pre-programmed and most accessories pre-installed, pre-wired and pre-configured in the factory.

The generously sized doors ensure ease of access for maintenance and the enlarged electrical cabinet features an integrated safety switch and better control board access.

The plate heat exchanger complies with standard EN308 and is Eurovent certified and the powerful EC fans ensure that sufficient external pressure is available. The composite fan blades also deliver higher operating efficiency than standard aluminium alternatives – another feature in line with ErP requirements.

A 100% modulating bypass is a standard feature on the GLOBAL units, allowing end users to take advantage of ‘free cooling’, which is automatically controlled depending on the indoor and outdoor temperatures.

An additional external heating coil (electric or water) and/or cooling exchanger can be linked to the units and managed by the built-in controls. The units can also be supplied with supply air and exhaust air dampers and are fitted with high quality particulate matter bag filters in line with standards EN779 and ISO16890.

You can now select the right GLOBAL air handling unit for your application through our user-friendly sizing tool. The program makes it possible to select the appropriate unit for your project in a quick and easy way, as well as allowing you to export technical data and sketches.


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