Swegon Launch Updates and Corrections to Their WISE System

Swegon are due to launch a range of updates and additional features to their demand-controlled indoor climate system.

Swegon INSIDE is the new app due to be launched to go alongside the WISE system. The app is a tool to make the invisible visible. By utilising the app, each individual user is able to control and monitor their own indoor climate. The app will provide information on air quality, temperature and measured values, amongst other features to ensure a well-integrated user experience, easily adaptable for indoor environments.

Water optimisation in WISE is also due to be launched, with the function optimising water temperature based on the actual need in the room, as well as connecting the WISE-system with air cooling chillers and heat pumps.

The new water optimisation function reduces the energy use for cooling and heating by up to 15%, alongside contributing to a greater comfort, reducing the risk of condensation and making it easier to avoid oversizing.

SuperWISE, a new software for the WISE system has been released, with various new functions, changes and corrections being introduced into the program version.

The new software includes updates to the fan coil and radiant ceiling function in ICD, and “system occupancy”, which can be used to automatically communicate with and start GOLD air handling units.

With SuperWISE, users now have the ability to create schedules for GOLD air handling units, and new documentation has become available that describes the structure of each project, as well as current values such as air flows and temperatures.

New languages have also become available in Italian and Spanish.

SuperWISE has made it possible to activate “air off” for zones/zone dampers via a schedule.

A number of corrections have been made to the previous system, including updates to incorrect translations. The issues with high memory usage when creating the review log have been solved, meaning less problems with the system when loading configuration. The problems with airflows that didn’t increase in certain situations when the room is in heating mode have been solved, as well as the display of status mode for lighting groups being corrected.

The software version is also prepared for water optimisation and temperature setpoint functions, which are now available in ICD.

To read Swegon’s updated brochure, and to find out more details about the WISE-system as a whole, as well as information about the individual products head to www.swegon.com/uk/products/optimisation-systems/wise/

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