Swegon launch TETRIS SKY range

Swegon have launched TETRIS SKY, their range of chiller and reversible heat pumps with R32 refrigerants. The high efficiency multiscroll A/W range is Ecodesign Tier 2 compliant, with a GWP below 700.
TETRIS SKY features a double circuit scroll compressors unit with plate heat exchangers. The SKY generation has a low environmental impact alongside a brand-new frame with new high efficiency v coil modules and new high efficiency fans, alongside 8% more seasonal efficiency compared to the TETRIS 2 generation.

The frame is very compact compared to R410A high efficiency chiller and features a low charge design with extended working limits (down to -20°c, and up to 48°c OAT). TETRIS SKY is compatible with both Bluethink  and Flowzer options.

As we have now entered a new step of efficiency with Tier 2 of EU rules 2016/2281 all Swegon’s TETRIS SKY range will meet the new minimum efficiency requirements.

Available from this year, TETRIS SKY will feature two versions and two acoustical configurations, including a high efficiency version, a high efficiency version + low noise option (LN Kit) and a super low noise version (SLN).

TETRIS SKY is suitable for all year comfort applications with an incentivation scheme for low GWP units, variable thermal and/or cooling loads, limiting noise regulation in high populated area s, carbon tax on CO2 eq. tons. footprint constraints in old towns or refurbishments (chiller) and top efficiency requirements (especially the heat pump).

With new environmentally friendly refrigerants, the TETRIS SKY product is sustainable with an extremely low GWP (677), and it is 65% greener than the R410A, with low charge and high capacity. As the most popular A2L refrigerant in the market, you can expect easy service as a universally available refrigerant.

Incredibly efficient with an average 8% higher SEER than R410A, the wide operating range offers an availability of optimized scroll inverter technology. Incredibly convenient, the TETRIS SKY may be promoted by local incentives due to its limited carbon tax effect.

Always with two chiller and heat pump circuit units, TETRIS SKY is ideal for heat pump units, when one circuit is defrosting, as the other continues to produce hot water.

As the new generation of high efficiency fans, TETRIS SKY features new R23 compressors and a new frame design to lead the HVAC industry in a new low carbon footprint era.

The new fans boast enhanced performances with low energy consumption and reduced noise emissions, alongside a brand-new frame and coil design to achieve the highest performances with a small footprint.

As a new generation of compressors optimized for R32 refrigerant, TETRIS SKY offers 4% more full load efficiency, as well as being optimized at partial load, with seasonal efficiency increased by 8% with new technology compressors optimized for R32.

TETRIS SKY features a hydraulic module, and a wide range of options allow to configure the chiller to suit various application. Differentiated levels of pump useful heads are available, with or without a buffer tank.

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