Swegon encourages the industry to take fire and smoke damper maintenance seriously

Occupant safety is of course the highest priority when it comes to fire and smoke prevention. However, some equipment like fire dampers is often ‘out of sight and out of mind’. By engaging with specialists to maintain fire dampers, the building and its occupants can be safeguarded.

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, the Hackitt Review called for an increase in the use of Building Information Management (BIM) to be used in the design, construction, refurbishment and operation of all new buildings. This way, it would be possible to deliver a ‘golden thread’ of information about the building and its services to ensure occupants were safe, but also that the building continued to operate efficiently with maintenance in accordance with manufacturer instruction.

In reality, we are many years away from ‘digital counterparts’ of all real-life buildings, although it is possible to see a future where BIM and connected controls systems make it possible to predict problems before they occur and, crucially, before function or performance starts to dip.

One real world example in action today is the rapid adoption by the industry of our ACTIONPAC Damper Control Panels, controlling our ACTIONAIR dampers to slow the spread of smoke and fire. We all know maintenance of fire dampers is vital to ensure correct operation in the event of a fire. ACTIONPAC helps facilitate the ‘golden thread’ by using its controls capability to scheduling remote damper testing at regular intervals – providing alerts should any damper need a physical visit.

Of course, when lives are potentially at stake, the remote tests should be supplemented with inspection. With our nationwide dedicated commissioning, service and maintenance team we can help the industry embrace best practice and ensure fire dampers remain in optimum working condition for the life of the building by combining the digital testing with a suitable physical inspection program.

Just one example of how Swegon are helping facilitate safer and healthier indoor climates by supporting clients in all phases of the building’s life.


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