Swegon adds more flexibility to GOLD AHU installation

Two new modular variants of the GOLD Unit – the GOLD TOP and GOLD L-Concept – address a common problem encountered by design engineers, namely the shortage of space available for building services plant.

When a new building is designed, it is usually demanded by a client that as much lettable space as possible is made available. Plantrooms and other service facilities must be space-efficient and not take more room than necessary. This lack of space is a common challenge for AHU installers, particularly when they are being retrofitted as part of refurbishment projects where ductwork and lack of floor space can create challenges.

The new GOLD TOP and L-Concept allow specifiers and installers to customise the AHU in a way that allows maximum installation flexibility. Thanks to the modular design, it is easy to combine the units to suit your space. Right or left, one, two, three, or four duct connections that are side-mounted or top-connected. Depending on the application, the rotary heat exchanger or the counterflow heat exchanger can also be selected.  As the name implies, the ductwork connections on the TOP units are on the top of the unit, but L-Concept units take the air through the unit at a right angle making both perfect for awkward plant rooms.

This is part of Swegon’s drive to simplify the construction process and facilitate the delivery of great indoor climate. It aims to ease the process from early stage design through installation and commissioning to ensure best results throughout the product’s operational life by getting technical details correct from the outset.



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