Swapping saves lives

For existing internal lighting systems fitted with conventional control gears, there are now two more energy-efficient alternatives. Osram’s new LUMILUX T8 Energy Saver (ES) fluorescent tubes and DULUX D Energy Saver (ES) compact fluorescent lamps enable energy costs to be reduced by up to 10% compared with the corresponding conventional lamps.

LUMILUX T8 ES tubes and DULUX D ES lamps are especially well suited to existing systems where a complete system change including electronic control gear is not feasible. For lighting systems that have not been fully amortised yet, these new Osram lamps are also an ideal solution.

The DULUX D ES lamp is designed for straight replacement of compact fluorescent lamps in light fixtures with conventional control gears (CCG) in interior settings (especially downlights).

The LUMILUX T8 ES 32 W and 51 W tubes replace the Basic 36 W and 58 W respectively. The tubes work with CCG and LCG applications. Compared with basic lamps the LUMILUX T8 ES achieves an energy saving of up to 10% with an increased life of 15,000 hours.


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