Supra flues for high school

Supra flues, manufactured by SFL, have been installed at the Wester Hailes Community Centre and High School which lie on the west side of Edinburgh.

The building, which is at the centre of this neighbourhood, comprises a swimming pool with gymnasium areas, plus a high school and a recent refurbishment programme included major works to the heating system. The original boilers had been in operation for many years and the client was anxious to upgrade and incorporate modern condensing appliances to optimise economy and minimise emissions. Further energy savings were realised by decentralising some of the central heating and hot water loads and replacing calorifiers linked to the boilers with plate heat exchangers and buffer vessels. Due to the nature of the facility, it is subject to variable usage patterns and this presented other opportunities to further improve efficiency of the heating system by allowing for future control zoning of areas. The original chimney was a mild steel windshield with mild steel cores and it was necessary to replace this with a system specifically designed for condensing applications.

A total of four modulating condensing boilers with a maximum rated output of 1000 kW each were selected by EDP, Consulting Engineers, Livingston, West Lothian. JRF Chimney Specialists of Glenrothes, Fife, worked closely with the consultant to choose and size an appropriate SFL chimney for this application. A spokesperson for JRF explains: “As the appliances were condensing, the original mild steel chimney could not be utilised and the SFL product, Supra, is the most suitable for this type of installation. The boilers were to be individually vented and 600mm diameter was calculated as matching the duty and performance of the appliances. A vertical height from the boilers to termination of 11.5m and a moderately long horizontal section all had to be taken into account.”

All the flue work was supplied, delivered and erected by JRF Chimney Specialists, principal distributor for SFL products in Scotland. The Main Contractor was Livingston Mechanical Services Ltd. and the Client the City of Edinburgh Council.

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