Sunshine on the roof

Schott Solar is introducing the new InDaX V 225 roof-integration panel to its growing collection of solar energy products, providing an efficient photovoltaic function as well as protection against rain, hail, snow and wind.  

The InDaX V 225 integrated roof system, unlike the solar systems of old, does not have to be mounted on top of an existing roof. Instead, the InDaX V 225 is designed for direct integration into pitched roofs. Comprised of specially hardened glass adequate for roofing, the system is fully compliant to Building Regulations and has been tested to ENV 1187, with a performance guarantee of 20 years against rain, hail, snow and wind.

The module comprises a standard laminate Poly 225 and Poly 214 with a unique aluminium InDaX Frame, black in colour.  The modules are mounted in a shingled array for optimised ventilation, ensuring maximum output levels. Due to a separate upright rain rail between the modules, easy adjustment can be made to any roof unevenness.

The product is easy and fast to install as a whole module system directly onto the roof counter battens.

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