SummitSkills brings careers a click closer

Recruiting for the building services engineering sector just got easier thanks to an interactive careers map from SummitSkills. Career paths to accommodate all interests and ambitions in the industry are now available online, enabling individuals to find all the information they need at the click of a button.
School leavers, students ready for university, and those looking to change careers either from within or outside the building services engineering sector, are able to track typical career routes through the wide range of exciting and challenging opportunities.

Keith Marshall, Chief Executive of SummitSkills said: “The building services engineering sector presents a thriving industry with many career opportunities for people joining immediately after school, A-levels and university, or even changing careers later on in life.

“The interactive careers map shows the variety available and the means of achieving a job with well-detailed progression routes. Recruitment is the first step to sustaining this industry and people need to know the opportunities that it holds.”

The map shows the progression routes through the sector, from entry level, through structured training and workplace experience, to professional qualifications and career functions. It also summarises core craft, technical and engineering job descriptions to provide a flavour of what the work would entail and help individuals select the right path for them.

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