Stylish, low noise condenserless air conditioning from Powrmatic

Powrmatic Vision officeNew from Powrmatic is the Vision 2.3 twin duct, condenserless heat pump air conditioner; offering exceptionally low noise levels, Class A efficiency and a stylish contemporary design. As such it is an ideal alternative to traditional ‘through-the-wall’ designs that are now no longer permitted under European regulations.

Incorporating ‘monobloc’ technology and the latest generation of DC fan, Vision 2.3 has no external condenser and does not require an F-Gas certificate. Featuring an oscillating louvre, it can be mounted at low, medium or high level on an external wall with just two 162mm diameter holes connecting it to the outside. Servicing is also straightforward as all components are accessed from the front of the unit with no need to remove it from the wall.

Unlike most condenserless air-conditioners, Vision 2.3’s noise levels are very low – just 32 dB at 1m on low speed and 41 dB on high-speed.

Control is via a touchscreen display on the unit or a compact remote controller.

Vision 2.3 provides a nominal cooling capacity of 2.3 kW with an energy efficiency ratio of 2.71, and a nominal heating capacity of 2.25 kW with a Coefficient of Performance of 3.1. The reverse cycle heat pump will provide heating at ambient temperatures down to -10°C.

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