STULZ takes the heat off with its new Explorer WSW water cooled chiller

STULZ, one of the world’s leading providers of energy efficient temperature and humidity management technology, has announced the launch of its pioneering STULZ Explorer WSW water cooled chiller. This flexible chiller unit is designed for use in a diverse range of mission critical indoor applications including data centres, communications rooms, industrial and commercial buildings, and telecommunications equipment centres.

Flexibility has been designed into every aspect of the STULZ Explorer WSW and it has big cooling power in an incredibly small footprint. Depending on the required cooling capacity, the Explorer WSW chillers can be equipped with either one compressor offering a cooling capacity of 230-430kW, or two compressors that provide 460-1530kW. Further enhancing its ease of use, it can be easily adjusted to different heat loads thanks to its two refrigerant circuits with semi-hermetic screw compressors and infinitely variable output sliders.

The Explorer WSW features standardised components including shell and tube condensers that can be set to operate at different temperature levels, for example, with well water, cooling towers or external recooling heat exchangers. The evaporation process in the refrigerant circuit is controlled by electronic expansion valves, which use pressure sensors, temperature sensors and the STULZ C2020 controller to optimise heat exchange between the refrigerant and chilled water in the evaporator.

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