Studies show that infrared heating could protect against the spread of Covid-19 infection

Schwank’s deltaSchwank gas-fired infrared radiant tube heater

Schwank, a leading manufacturer of gas-fired inrared heaters, is convinced by recent studies from the highly reputed Hermann Rietschel Institute for Heating and Ventilation Technology at the Technical University of Berlin. These indicate that using infrared heaters in the workplace could have a health & safety benefit relating to the potential spread of Covid-19.

It is known that Covid-19 infection occurs mainly via micro-droplets produced while talking, coughing or sneezing. Professor Martin Kriegel, Head of the Institute’s Department of Building Energy Systems explains how: “Larger particles sink to the ground faster. Smaller particles follow the air flow and can remain in the air for quite a long time. Even larger droplets (>60 μm) can, under certain circumstances, spread far into a room.  Possible horizontal air movements further intensify the spreading effect.”

So the studies conclude that infrared heating systems that work without air movement could reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection. because they transfer heat by infrared rays, similar to the way that heat is transferred by the sun. Therefore no air movement is caused.

Steve Sherman, Managing Director of Schwank UK, commented: “The studies are of significant interest and their conclusions are logical. These are findings that employers and facilities managers may well wish to take into consideration.”


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