Stronger for longer

SCHOTT Solar has launched a multicrystalline module that incorporates unique double-glass technology which delivers improved durability and long lasting, stable yields.

Demonstrating the latest in photovoltaic innovation, the Poly Double Glazed 185 benefits from glass on both the front and rear sides of the PV cells – providing exceptional security against environmental influences and easily withstanding adverse weather conditions, such as storms, ice and snow.

Key to the success of the Poly Double Glazed 185 is a patented production process developed by SCHOTT Solar that does not expose the cells to high pressure or vacuums, resulting in high quality modules with excellent long term stability. Unable to penetrate the active cell layer, the double-glass construction protects the module from rain, condensation, chemicals and gases, such as ammonia or methane.

In addition, the extremely durable Poly Double Glazed 185 has been designed to resist 5400 Pa pressure and wind loads, as well as wind speeds of up to 200 km/h – enabling SCHOTT to offer a 30 year linear performance guarantee. Finally, the compact format of this module allows for effective maximisation of available roof space and straightforward installation.

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