Stroma Building Control officially launches

The Stroma Group has today announced the launch of a new Approved Inspector brand: Stroma Building Control (Stroma). It becomes one of the most prominent and largest CICAIR Approved Inspectors to the construction industry. Formed from three already established Building Control providers in Approved Design Consultancy, BBS Building Control and Greendoor Building Control, Stroma unites more than three decades of project work and experience in the Building Control sector. Their expansive team of more than 120 qualified Building Control Surveyors and network of 14 regional offices means that clients can rely on a nationwide Building Control compliance service delivered at a local level.

A market leader in delivering environmental sustainability and compliance service throughout the construction lifecycle, the Stroma Group first acquired Greendoor Building Control in late 2015. Further acquisitions of Approved Design Consultancy and BBS Building Control followed in 2016. Over the past two years a detailed programme of integration has progressed to unite the companies into one of the largest Private Approved Inspectors across England and Wales. Stroma combines the skill and experience of Approved Design, BBS and Greendoor to deliver more resources, better project efficiency and a client focused service.

The Stroma Building Control team has an extensive track record across all project types within the construction industry. Their body of work as trusted consultancy partners for the client spans residential, commercial, mixed use, leisure, retail, education and more. Stroma’s advice and support can be provided during the concept and early design phase, through the Initial Notice submission, Plans Appraisal and Site Inspections to the Final Certificate submission at completion. They also deliver full technical support to clients, CPD on all regulations and advice on any changes to those regulations.

Stroma Building Control has created a blueprint for success by selecting the very best elements of Approved Design, BBS and Greendoor to create a premiere Building Control provider from exceptionally strong foundations. The process was guided and informed by their existing client relationships to ensure each step in the integration would help to maintain and advance the excellent service already received by clients.

The Stroma Group was formed in 2002, now comprising three divisions which deliver services throughout the RIBA Plan of Work stages. In addition to Building Control, Stroma can provide expertise within the fields of Pre-Construction, Building Performance Testing, Building Compliance, Post Construction, Certification & Training, Building Information Modelling and Mobile Software. By engaging with Stroma, clients can avoid the extensive procurement and management costs associated with hiring multiple subcontractors, achieving all services from a single supplier throughout the project lifecycle.

Steve Lonsdale, Director of Stroma Building Control, said: “Stroma Building Control will be the employer of choice in the sector, providing an enjoyable place to work where staff are supported and respected. We will hold quality at the heart of everything we do and strive to be the leading national private provider of Building Control services in the UK. The service is focused on enhancing the client experience of the regulatory system and adding value at each stage of the process. Clients can trust a reputation built by Approved Design, BBS and Greendoor for efficient, timely and high-quality services delivered by experienced professionals.”

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