Straightforward & versatile

The Desigo building management system has been further enhanced with the new Desigo TX-I/O modules. These provide high flexibility, greater user friendliness and lower energy and capital costs.
The I/O modules are configured for use with different types of input and output signals making them highly versatile. Thanks to this only four types of module are needed to cover the different building services requirements for integration of plant and field devices.

They feature a compact design which helps save space in the control panel; twelve I/O points can be connected to an area the size of a credit card. A robust design allows them to cope with the demands placed on them in the field. All connection terminals are short circuit proof and protected against incorrect wiring. A single module on a rail can be replaced without affecting other modules helping to facilitate maintenance tasks.

Easy to understand operation and diagnostics is provided. LED’s and optional LCD’s are used to display the operating status of connected field devices. Faults are monitored and displayed on the modules, reducing service times. Devices can be manually operated from the modules.

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