Stokvis supplies instant heat

Stokvis Energy Systems has unveiled a comprehensive range of packaged plate heat exchangers suitable for a wide range of commercial and public sector building applications.

Available in up to seven ranges covering over 200 units, Stokvis Econoplate units can be used for straightforward hot water generation to swimming pool heating and even complex process heating installations.

They provide an effective system for the controlled delivery of hot water over a wide range of demand requirements

They provide hot water instantaneously without the need for hot water storage, using a principle that is simple, well proven and cost effective.

Each unit is built around an epoxy coated chassis containing the heat exchanger. This is constructed from several gasketed, stainless steel plates, which can be added to easily should the demand require.

Their low water content and low thermal inertia make them exceptionally versatile and ideal for use in systems with rapidly changing heat outputs.

Most Econoplate units come complete with primary pump(s), a fast-acting three or four-port motorised control valve on the primary circuit, and a purpose-built PlD controller for sensing secondary water temperature and controlling the motorised valve.

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