Stockport College reduces emissions

Lancashire based Atlantic Boilers has installed a new boiler-plant including a bio-fuel burner to heat a new workshop and laboratory at the college’s town centre campus.

The installation consists of two R22-500 dual fuel B100 bio-fuel/natural gas lead condensing boilers each rated at 530kW and one NA-R 1160kW natural gas lag high efficiency boiler. The in-house control system ensures that the two R Series boilers take up most of the heating load.

The B100 bio-fuel is kept (similar to fuel oil) in two underground tanks at 5°C, then piped to a pre-heat tank within each R Series boiler, from which it passes to the burner. The B100 bio-fuel oil, a naturally grown or recovered fuel, burns with the same maximum condensing efficiency as fuel oil or natural gas. The fuel brings substantial savings in carbon emissions.

In addition, the space requirement for the equipment is minimal and less than half the cost of biomass systems.

The R Series year-round maximum condensing boiler has two distinct heat exchangers, the first of developed quality steel design and the second of high-grade plastic design. The flue gases leave the first exchanger below 90°C and are then extracted from the second condensing heat exchanger at temperatures below 50°C. For combustion air entry temperatures below 30°C, efficiencies are obtained which always exceed 92% GCV up to 99% GCV. These conditions apply throughout the year in the United Kingdom.

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