Steinel control T5

Steinel (UK) Limited has supplied its 3rd Generation lighting controller switches to the UK’s most prestigious project in recent years – Heathrow Airport’s new Terminal 5 (T5). Once complete in 2011, T5 is expected to host some 35 million passengers a year and will have 60 aircraft stands, fourteen of which will be large enough to cater for the new A380 Super Jumbo.

Steinel’s products have been used extensively in and around the new control tower, with Nightmatic 5000PF employed outside the tower to control the red neon perimeter lighting for dusk to dawn illumination. The microprocessor-driven Nightmatic 5000PF photoelectric lighting controller switches illumination on and off in relation to the level of ambient light, making it an ideal solution for projects where specific areas have to be illuminated through the night. The controller switches are easy to set up and adjustment of the twilight setting is achieved via pushbutton (the response threshold can be adjusted from 0.5 to 100 lux).

The ‘cab’, which contains the control room, will eventually be supported on top of an 85m high, 4.6m diameter triangular steel mast anchored to the ground with three pairs of cable stays. The control tower will contain two lifts (one internal and one external) to provide access to the control room and is due to become operational in summer 2006. Steinel’s IS3180PF wall sensors have been utilised in stairwells and corridors to control the lighting for minimum running costs and maximum energy savings. These units have a reach of 4 – 8 metres or 8 – 20 metres and a coverage angle of 180º. The IS3360PF infrared ceiling sensor has been used in lift lobbies and other open areas where lighting control is required. The ceiling sensor has 360º all-round vision for unrestricted surveillance of heights up to four metres and a 20 metre maximum reach.

Designed for ease of installation and low maintenance, the 3rd Generation range of sensors offer considerable savings in cost and energy, plus a three year warranty with on-site support.

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