Staying in Control

New, Low Wattage Ventronic is the latest addition to the popular Ventronic range from leading metal halide lamp and control gear manufacturer, Venture Lighting Europe. Incorporating a wide range of additional functions, designed to provide improved performance, reliability and versatilty this innovative new electronic ballast has also been engineered to offer dimmable options, providing maximum energy efficiency when used with controls such as timers, occupancy sensors and daylight sensors.

Low Wattage Ventronic is microprocessor controlled and has universal lamp compatibility, enabling it to operate all brands of high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps up to 150W.  Like other products in the Ventronic range, this new ballast is quiet in operation and is kind to electrodes. It also ensures that the frequency of switching does not affect lamp or cause arc tube blackening associated with conventional control gear, thus providing extended lamp life and improved lumen maintenance. Also, with Low Wattage Ventronic the optimum electrode temperature is reached much faster, with a typical warm up time of 30-40 seconds compared to the 2-3 minutes of conventional control gear.

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