State of the art control

Bryanston School, a palatial country house which dates back to 1897, occupies a magnificent 400 acre estate in North Dorset and has turned to state of the art design and technology for its new centre for Maths and Science.
The Sanger Centre comprises of 15 state-of-the-art laboratories, maths classrooms, expanded assignment rooms, and a 120- seat Lecture Theatre fully equipped for scientific and multimedia presentations. The centre is heated by two independent heating systems with a radiator circuit on the outer perimeter of the building, and underfloor heating on the inner.
For the radiator circuit, Publicstar installed a SeaChange Zone Setpoint Scheduler, which changes the circuit’s setpoint depending on the outside temperature. The Lecture Theatre is heated from this circuit with a bypass valve and separate small pump, ensuring that it can be heated out of normal school hours without heating the entire centre.
The underfloor heating has 15 zones all individually controlled by SeaChange Zone Controllers, a range of energy efficient modular controls from SC Controls. The Controllers are included on the Energy Technology List (ETL) and provide repeat performance and guaranteed energy savings. The SeaChange building management system modulates each respective zone valve based on the zone temperature. As the heating load increases or decreases, and the sun moves around the inner rim of the building, the zone valves are opened or closed accordingly. Each zone also has optimum start/stop.
The School Maintenance Department has direct access to the SeaChange BMS in both buildings via bespoke BMS graphics connected to the Schools Ethernet. This Ethernet connection also allows remote secure access by Publicstar to provide remote system support and monitoring, if required.

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