Star fires up the market

Star Refrigeration has launched a heat pump solution for the building services market that delivers free hot water.

Star’s new Envitherm is an environmentally conscious dual-purpose heat pump that generates hot and chilled water simultaneously. It provides air conditioning in large-scale buildings that also have a high demand for heating and hot water, such as hotels, apartments and office developments.

Envitherm generates chilled water for air conditioning systems, whilst producing hot water at temperatures up to around 70°C for showers and taps. Envitherm is supplied as a single pre-assembled compact unit and can be used in both new and retrofit installations.

Envitherm is designed for ease of installation, with simple pipework connection to chilled and hot water circuits and electrics. The unit is pre-wired and comes complete with an integral electrical starter panel with display including machinery status and fault report.

Envitherm uses the latest in compressor and heat transfer technology. It features a semi-hermetic compressor, developed to achieve the pressures required for transcritical operation. The compressor combines a high efficiency design with a low operating noise level.

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