Standardised heat recovery

The new Carrier Airosmart heat recovery unit is a standardised air handling system with significant energy-saving characteristics. By making heat recovery standard at even the smallest size of unit, Carrier is meeting a new market demand driven by legislative changes and the requirement for energy savings.
For airflows up to 1.3 m3/s a counterflow plate heat exchanger is used resulting in energy efficiency values up to 90%. For air flows of 1.7 m3/s and above a heat recovery wheel is used as standard. A sorption rotor is available as an option to allow the recovery of both temperature and moisture, increasing efficiency still further.

The Carrier Airosmart can also be supplied with a complete bypass circuit enabling free cooling using outside air resulting in a significant saving in energy consumption, as seen on the latest Carrier chiller systems that use this technology.

The Airosmart is a ‘plug and play’ system, and is simple to install. It operates with controllable brushless DC or ‘EC’ motors which use less energy, especially at lower speeds, than the more commonly used asynchronous motors.

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