Stainless steel press fittings: No chance for corrosion!

Foto: Udo Geisler

The stainless steel press fittings NiroSan® and NiroTherm® offer you safety of mind: Not just due to their excellent corrosion resistance but also because of combipress . This means: Tool compatibility, leak path feature and push & stay.


Piping system consisting of high-quality press fittings and stainless steel pipes made of the material 1.4404. The material 1.4404 contains at least 2.3 % molybdenum, yet less carbon than the conventional type 1.4401. Your advantage: The material no 1.4404/316L has a higher corrosion resistance than standard stainless steels. The system family is offered with sealing rings made of EPDM (black), HNBR (yellow) and FKM (red). It is also available in a silicon free version – NiroSan® SF.


The NiroTherm® piping system consists of NiroTherm® stainless steel press fittings with a black EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene rubber) moulded seal and NiroTherm® stainless steel pipes to DIN EN 10312. NiroTherm® offers you a real alternative compared to conventional steels when it comes to closed systems in humid atmospheres such as screed. Since it needs considerably less isolation against humidity, the installation is faster and labour costs accordingly lower.

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