Spygas Freon allows safe detection

The new Spygas Freon from Telegan Gas Monitoring is designed to help air conditioning and refrigeration engineers detect Freon leaks and check the tightness of pipe joints in hard to reach or dark areas quickly and safely.

The lightweight, hand-held device can detect Freon levels from as low as 100 ppm with easy to use, single-button operation. A clear, backlit display shows either 100, 1,000 or 10,000 ppm levels and there are two alarm modes: a Geiger Counter-type click in normal operation and a loud crescendo alarm which rises with concentration levels. The sensor has a five year expected lifespan and there is also a battery level indicator.

The Spygas Freon is small enough to fit into a pocket or tool pouch and its tough, reinforced plastic enclosure ensures years of trouble-free use. It is compliant to EMC standard EN50270:1999.

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