Spirotech adds larger unit to its expanding SpiroTrap and SpiroCombi range

SpiroTrap Magnet Flanged OpenSpirotech, the global leader in total heating and cooling system protection and water treatment, has swelled its market-leading range of commercial dirt separators with the addition of a new larger unit to its SpiroTrap and SpiroCombi Magnet product portfolio.

Adding to the existing model sizes of DN50, 65, 80, and 100, the latest additions to the Spirotech commercial portfolio includes DN 125, 150, 200, 250 and the new 300mm magnetic variants, which are set to hit the UK market in spring 2014.

The expanded SpiroTrap and SpiroCombi Magnet range is equipped with a built-in magnet, enabling the end-user to effectively remove magnetic and non-magnetic dirt from large-scale cooling and heating systems. The market-leading steel construction unit is also ideally suited to protect the newest generation of EU-approved magnetic rotor-equipped pumps from damage caused by the intrusion of magnetic dirt.

Spirotech’s range of dirt separators ensures pump efficiency levels are maintained at optimum levels, whilst also preventing any loss in efficiency, as the magnetic rotors have a tendency to attract magnetite and dirt circulating in system water. The SpiroTrap and SpiroCombi Magnet help to maintain optimal boiler performance and dramatically reduce malfunctions and breakdowns.

SpiroCombi MagnetSpirotech’s world-renowned dirt separation technology is based on its innovative dry-pocket construction, which houses the maintenance-free magnet. Any magnetic dirt trapped in the unit is attracted to the cone at it’s core. The flexible pulling mechanism is then used to draw the dirt to the bottom of the unit, where it is collected. Due to a patent pending cone the magnetic dirt is released from the magnetic force.

As soon as the pulling mechanism is released, the magnet automatically returns to the starting position. The magnetic dirt collected at the bottom of the unit is then discharged in the traditional manner, together with the non-magnetic dirt.

Spirotech offers a comprehensive range of dirt, air and chemical solutions for both domestic and commercial applications, and is not only Europe’s largest manufacturer of heating system filters but also offers a range of products including the SpiroCross, SpiroPlus, and SpiroCare, providing a total solution for the customer.  For further information visit www.spirotech.co.uk.

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