SpiroPress – ‘a solution for every pressurised system’

The SpiroPress range of pressure control units features a solution ‘to suit every pressurised system’ that facilities managers, engineers and designers are likely to encounter, according to system water quality specialist Spirotech.
A SpiroPress unit keeps pressure constant in closed heating and cooling systems, reducing the danger of air being drawn in through vents and gaskets, or the loss of system water through safety valves when high pressures occur.
UK Business Director Rob Jacques said: “Not every system has been equally well designed, but the SpiroPress units maximise the available expansion volume and reduce system vulnerability.
“This dramatically reduces the frequency of maintenance, as there is no need for top-ups with oxygen-rich water that is the main cause of corrosion inhibitor depletion and which triggers accelerated system deterioration and component failure.
“With fewer system interruptions environmental impact targets are easier to meet, while an important contribution is also made to achieving optimal efficiency and reduced energy consumption.”
SpiroPress ranges include MultiControl and TopControl units, suitable for varying applications depending on the unit, from closed heating and cooling systems, to marine environments and data centres, to district heating and energy centres.
To help installers find the right unit for their requirements Spirotech has introduced an online selection tool: https://www.spirotech.co.uk/spiropress-selection-tool.

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