Speedy solar service

A constant primary flow temperature of 55°C and less than 30 min recovery time is offered by Gledhill Building Products’ SunSpeed domestic hot water cylinders, units designed to make the most of renewable energy.
SunSpeed cylinders are fitted with purpose designed high efficiency heat exchangers which provide a large surface area, allowing the SunSpeed to accommodate the significantly lower flow temperatures from sources such as heat pumps or solar panels compared to those from conventional heat sources such as gas boilers.

The SunSpeed heats the cylinder water content from 10°C to 49°C in just one hour, which would usually require a greater output of energy, but not here. The heat exchanger in the SunSpeed cylinder is manufactured from Integron, integrally finned copper tubing which significantly improves its heat transfer capabilities allowing it to be extremely energy efficient.

The heat exchanger is also coiled giving a compact design and the ability to be fitted very low down in the cylinder, providing space for a second heat exchanger for conventional heat sources where required.

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