Speedfit repair pipe

JG Speedfit has introduced a Pipe Repair Kit that provides a quick and easy method of replacing burst or damaged rigid pipe without altering existing pipe work.

The kits, available in 15mm and 22mm, are intended to help where existing pipes are rigid and do not allow for movement to add pipe and fittings to repair a burst or damaged section of pipe.

The Pipe Repair Kit is easy to install and requires no tools. Firstly, the pipes must be prepared making sure they are cut square and free of burrs if copper, or the relevant pipe insert is used if plastic.

Next unscrew the fitting in the middle so it is in two pieces. Push the slide connector fully on to one side of the pipe and fit the connector to the other pipe and push it up to the pipe stop. By pushing the collect towards the fitting the Slide Connector can now be slid down the pipe and the nut in the middle hand tightened. To make a secure connection tighten the screw caps at the ends of the fitting.


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