Speedfit Introduce Grey range

JG Speedfit has announced the introduction of a new Grey range of fittings and pipe to go alongside their existing white range.
This new range is made up of over 40 fittings, appliance and shut off taps, and PEX and Polybutylene barrier pipe in sizes 10, 15 and 22mm.
Both the white and grey ranges of fittings use the unique Speedfit push fit connection system, making connections quick, easy and reliable. To make a connection between pipe and fitting, first push the pipe through the collet or gripper, which has stainless steel teeth to grip the pipe and make it secure in the fitting. The pipe then passes through an ‘O’ ring to make the permanent leakproof connection with minimum insertion force. To dismantle the connection, push the collet towards the body of the fitting and pull the pipe out. The component parts can be used again without the need for replacements.
The Speedfit System is approved by the BBA and the WRAS and is Kitemarked to BS7291 Parts 1, 2 &3 and carries a 25 year guarantee against manufacturing and material defects.

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