Spectral sharpens its blade

The new acoustic Blade range from Spectral is a combined luminaire and acoustic panel for the modern office or educational buildings with concrete interiors.

The suspended fittings provides effective acoustic management of generated sound while also making a significant contribution to ambient thermal management where it can achieve a cooling capacity reduction of approximately 3%. The high performance panels from Spectral also offer a striking visual alternative to traditional horizontal acoustic boards.

The recent architectural trend for using bare concrete interiors has created a need for effective acoustic treatments to deal with the increased noise levels generated. Blade is manufactured in conjunction with GfAG in Germany and combines a high performance acoustic panel and luminaire in a range of output choices for T5 lamps with new LED options currently in development.

Mike Attard, Managing Director of RIDI Lighting says: “While the trend for stripped back interiors has allowed interior designers more creative expression, it has come at a cost. Blade is a stylish lighting and acoustic solution that is able to reduce noise levels while being an effective light source.”


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