Specifiers turn to the web

The definitive guide to Approved Document M of the Building Regulations for the door and hardware industry is proving a hit with both the industry and with architects, specifiers and property professionals.
Thousands of copies of the guide have been downloaded from the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) website www.dhfonline.org.uk since it was made available last year.

The guide is designed to cut though any confusion caused by issues of interpretation and apparent conflicts of advice given in various guidance documents. It is aimed at architects, specifiers, builders, buildings & facilities managers, building control officers, architectural ironmongers, door and hardware manufacturer and anyone involved in the specification of doors and hardware to be installed in buildings within the scope of Document M.

“There has obviously been a tremendous pent up need for an all encompassing guide like this,” said Ian Wood, DHF Chief Executive. “Since it was put onto our site last August more than 3,200 copies have been downloaded. And around 16 copies are still being downloaded every single working day.

“We think its appeal is that it’s designed to be a central source of reference, so taking away the need to refer to different documents. It greatly cuts down the risk of any misinterpretation. In particular, specifiers will be able to make the correct choice of both doors and door hardware by referring to just the one guide.”

The Guide to Approved Document M for the door and hardware Industry has been produced by the DHF and it has been endorsed by a number of major trade and industry associations including the Architectural and Specialist Door Manufacturers’ Association; Guild of Architectural Ironmongers; British Woodworking Federation; Master Locksmiths Association; and the Intumescent Fire Seal Association.

Ian Wood said: “As a federation we decided to work collectively as an industry to present one central document that pulled all the approved documents together. The guide summarises all the main issues raised under Approved Document M in terms of the doors and hardware and refers the user to the source of the guidance given.”

Subjects covered in the DHF guide include entrance doors, power operated doors, vision panels in doors, door closers, fire resisting doors, security hardware, access control systems and door furniture including hinges.

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