Space saving and intelligent

LG’S new Multi V Mini is a compact, easy-to-install, single phase system designed for smaller VRF applications such as small offices, shops and residential.  Its cutting-edge artificial intelligence control enables efficient control and low noise operation for a pleasant air-conditioned environment.
It has a 46% smaller footprint, a 52% smaller volume, and up to 5dBA lower noise level than any conventional equivalent capacity units.  This makes it perfect for both space-constrained and noise sensitive environments.
In addition to ease-of-installation, the Multi V Mini is also easy to service with its removable front panel, which exposes all serviceable electrical and refrigeration components.  The field piping may enter the outdoor units four different ways, making connecting to the service values very flexible.  Additionally, up to nine indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit, with a maximum 130% indoor unit connection ratio.
When used in conjunction with the range of V-net control options, Multi V Mini really does provide a total building solution for smaller VRF applications.

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