Sontay combats humidity

Sontay has expanded its range of relative humidity and temperature sensors with the addition of the RH-1000 sensors. This new range answers the growing demand by building services consultants, contractors and end-users for accurate, reliable and stylish sensor equipment.

These new room sensors are designed for installation within the space and measure relative humidity and air temperature precisely within individual rooms or zones. Utilising the latest high accuracy relative humidity and temperature measuring element, the new RH-1000 sensors can be supplied with a wide range of user interface options such as set-point adjustment, momentary switch and fan speed selection together with a multi-line backlit LCD display.

Developed following customer feedback, the low profile and curved fascia ensure that these sensors will blend stylishly and seamlessly into a building’s interior design scheme. This ensures straightforward specification on any type of building.

A 0-10Vdc override status input option is also available, allowing occupancy indication on the display. Looped or externally powered, 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA outputs for temperature and RH are available as standard, with optional 0-5Vdc.

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