Solar powered station

Taconova (UK) Ltd has launched the FV 70 TACOSOL EU 21 a solar-driven Solar Station for solar heating systems, comprising a solar-powered pump, regulator and air venting unit. Designed for domestic, commercial and public sector applications, the Solar Station allows hydraulic balancing, flow measurement and venting to be performed directly in the station, offering accessibility as well as installation time and cost savings for engineers.
Balancing solar heating systems can prove to be particularly difficult due to the high temperature differential. Systems which are correctly balanced and hydraulically air-free guarantee optimal energy extraction and are therefore more cost effective. Taconova’s Solar Station unit is specifically designed to balance solar heating systems but is also energy efficient in its own operation since it has the advantage of a high efficiency DC pump which is supplied and controlled directly by the current from a photo voltaic (pv) panel. As such the standard supply connection, solar regulator, collector and accumulator sensor are no longer required.

With a rugged design the FV 70 TACOSOL EU21 Solar Station offers reliable operation.

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