Solar power from Glow-Worm

Designed specifically for use on UK homes, the Glow-worm Clearly Solar range includes everything necessary to create a flat plate solar thermal installation capable of delivering 50-60% of the homes annual domestic hot water.

The Glow-worm solar thermal offering, branded Clearly Solar, is aimed at giving the installer tried and tested products which are quick and easy to install and then ready for instant commissioning – together with a full after-sales service encompassing technical support, business advice, on-going bespoke training courses and product delivery direct to site.

Made from brushed aluminium, Clearly Solar flat plates can be installed both in-roof and on-roof, horizontally or vertically, or fixed to A-frames and mounted on a flat roof or in a garden.  Advanced controls ensure every last drop of energy is captured from the sun.

Clearly Solar is a pressurised system full of heat transfer fluid and sealed from the atmosphere – a similar concept to a sealed heating system and is fully compatible with all open vent and sealed system boilers (including the complete Glow-worm range) or immersion heaters in non-gas areas.

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